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Customer Database Software – How to Make the Affordable Choice For Your Business

Choosing the right customer database software to match the specific requirements of small businesses is a mission critical decision that will have immediate and lasting impact on your profit. Questions to ask are: seattle crm integrations

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How much training is involved in using the product and is it available as online video? How flexible is the access to the data, does it work on any computer or browser? How quickly can you import existing customer data and add new opportunities and activities? Is there a long term commitment or can you simply subscribe to the software on a month to month basis? Is there a free trial period and how much of the software can you use during that time? How current is the technology?

Even today the biggest customer database software products online are based on 5 to 10 year old technology because large corporations cater to the needs of other large corporations and rarely push the envelope in terms of what these larger customers are willing to except in terms of change. Would you buy a VHS tape player instead of a blue ray disc player just because you heard that large corporations still stuck with video tape?

Affordable web-based customer database software is now so sophisticated that even companies of 1- 50 employees can subscribe and leveraging their information to grow their business, get more customers and turn existing customers into increased sales immediately. Unlike in the past where software packages had to be purchased and installed on a series of computers, then employees needed a week of expensive training, now software can be accessed immediately over the web and each employee can sit through brief training tapes or work with an online trainer to learn quickly. Web-based or online software used by groups gives you the ability to collaborate on information no mater how far apart you are in the world. Your sales people can be in San Francisco, New York and Houston, with your support people in Seattle and all share the same information and interact from desktop computers, smart phones or iPads. These database software solutions are frequently referred to as SaaS (software as a service) or “Cloud” applications.

Having a customer database designed to meet the needs of small business is the cornerstone that anchors all other customer interactions and data management – without the right customer database software, small business is still operating with a mishmash of card files, email programs and spread sheets that leave money on the table and keep opportunities in dark. The resulting cost is precious employee time, money, lost productivity and often lost business.

The rise of “cloud” based or on-line business information technology brings a new level of affordability for small business customer database solutions. The development of web-based solutions such as Google docs is just the start of a new evolution in the way business people and sales professionals interact. Now it’s possible to keep your customer information at your fingertips no matter where you are and when you need it. Plus, affordable solutions bring even the smallest of companies the power previously reserved for large corporations.

The key benefits of cloud based customer database software for small business are:

Reporting: Reporting is no longer simply limited to past performance and trends, customer database software brings you features like interactive pipeline and projections that let you see where your future income lies. Reports can bring to light opportunities that otherwise may slip buy. Reporting can also give you detail about the success of your email campaigns and more.

Integrated Email Marketing Campaigns and Form Letters – Online customer database solutions can provide you with way more power than simple email marketing services and keep you in constant contact with your customers. The ability to create mailing lists based on specific information about your customers such as location, last order date and more, then send personalized specific email to those lists will increase your success rate with your message. Features to let you track what types of email each customer tends to open and respond to can increase your sales and make your current customers more loyal.

Tracking customer information – Customer database information isn’t limited to just contact details anymore. Sure everything can be included from their phone number to the date of their daughter’s birthday but you can also track buying habits, budget dates, past purchases, relationships to other contacts and all activities any employee has had through the relationships history. All of that data can be searched and available during every sales or support call to keep the customer engaged and demonstrates your level of appreciation for their time and business.

Affordable web-based customer database software is the cornerstone for any small business to rapidly grow their income in today’s economy. Choosing a database that leverages all of the current web technologies and is designed to work the way sales people work is key for small to mid-size businesses. The biggest advantage you can have over your competitors is customer connectivity and constant contact using email marketing and social services like twitter. Above all else having access to customer data anywhere, anytime will deliver a return on your investment at a low monthly subscription price that you can afford.

The only question is will you be the company who takes full advantage of these advances or will your competition?

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